What is Ageless Vitality?

Come with me on a journey of discovery.. .. . Your life!!  It can be whatever you desire it to be, all you have to do is stay open, learn and have courage to give it a go.

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About Vicky

Vicky has over twenty five years experience in the Natural Health care Industry, ranging from Product formulating, lecturing both in the professional industry and to the general public, private practice as a Naturopath and as a Personal Trainer.

Professionally, Vicky has worked with some of Australia’s top Natural Health professionals, either in a lecturing, training or a consultations capacity. Vicky is a seeker of truth and knowledge, and a desire to inspire others to find the confidence in the wisdom of true health.

Even though nutrition is a strong basis for what Vicky holds as core for anyone’s health, it is also the inclusion of different forms of movement and a balanced respect of the different energies of the body that hold a priority of importance of anyone’s health strategy.

Vicky is now in her mid fifties, has embraced her grey hair, loving being a grandmother to her grandsons and everyday is grateful for the amazing gift of life. It is important to understand, Ageless Vitality is not about holding onto youth, however realizing when the body is given the correct cellular nutrition it will take care of the health and vitality you so rightly deserve.

Vicky does many talks on health around Australia and at times will give private consultations. Vicky addresses your whole health and will challenge your thinking. If this does not happen it cannot  allow for a new outlook and therefore a fresh approach to how you view what you eat, when you eat and foremost why you eat  and achieve that change you are so desperately seeking.

Vicky will also address how you exercise, this can seem a dirty word, so lets relabel it movement.  To have complete health, a daily exercise plan must be embraced and then the body is challenged, but also given the opportunity to communicate with you in the ways of rigidity, tightness or even pain.

Where Vicky is most passionate is in the area of the talks she presents. Do not miss any opportunity to hear Vicky speak, as any topic, will be approached with passion and truth, giving the audience a broad scope of all the choices available for their health care and the inspiration to live there life with health and vitality at any age.