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You deserve great health and vitality – Check your Thyroid!

Are you struggling with lack of interest in sex, tiredness and ageing too quickly? Or, have you been to the doctor for blood tests, only to be told that they are “normal”? Please don’t walk away thinking there is nothing you can do about your weight gain, fatigue, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, skin problems, etc.? There are answers, but you need to know the right questions to ask. You may be struggling with your health; however what blood tests have you had and what foods are you eating? For many women they are following either, outdated or poor advice. Don’t let this be you!

It is amazing the number of women that have their thyroid blood tests come back “normal”, however, the tests being requested are not complete, giving a false representation of the body. You need to ask for Reverse T3, T4, TSH and iodine, generally only TSH is being tested. Some women do have a thyroid that is having difficulty, however being told to come back in a few months to see if they need medication, and not being offered any management options, some are even prescribed anti –depressants due to their low mood, still not addressing the real cause.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland, which secretes its hormones directly into the bloodstream. These hormones have a direct effect on the body’s temperature, metabolism and nervous system to name a few. Many times the gland can be affected by the body’s own antibodies working against it, which in actual fact means it is NOT a thyroid problem but an auto- immune problem. Unless this is treated the poor thyroid gets bombarded with medication and the hormonal system is still stressed.

The thyroid, like any other part of the body, needs specific nutrients to function. Some of the more important ones are iodine, selenium, tyrosine and in many cases vitamin D. Medication will not solve the problem if the cause is not addressed, especially if these deficiencies are not treated. Too many women find themselves on medication, thinking it is the cure when all it is doing is giving the thyroid something it cannot produce; it is not actually treating the cause or the thyroid problem.

If diet, stress management and lifestyle are not being addressed in your health consultation, then I would suggest finding another practitioner that is willing to work with you, in finding a solution and getting to the cause. This is what you need to do:

  1. Check your blood tests, get a copy and find out what has been requested.
  2. If your doctor has not checked Reverse T3,T4, TSH and Vitamin D and you have any of the above symptoms, then request it.
  3. Get your iodine levels checked, this is for everyone and especially if you have an underactive thyroid and is auto immune related.
  4. If you have been diagnosed with auto immune condition then excluding all gluten from your diet could be beneficial.
  5. Read the book “Ageless Vitality” it will give you good information on healthy lifestyle choices. If you don’t feel great each day, full of energy and vitality for your life, then why not? This life is to be lived not endured, start asking questions, to the right people and take action toward the life and body you deserve.

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Understanding your hormones is a life time process.

Common complaints with hormones are the side effects of weight gain, bloating, digestive problems, constipation, headaches and mood swings, if this sounds like any of your concerns check out Do not be put off by the title with menopause in it, most women over the age of 25 years will relate and benefit from the information here.


This is an amazing time of a woman’s life, this section is looking at some of your

options at this time in your life

There is a popular misperception that it is “normal” to gain weight as you age, or when you go through menopause well , I hate to burst your comfort bubble but it is not normal, just average. What happens as you go through menopause and as you are ageing , is your level of activity can generally decline, allowing for an increase in body fat in ratio to lean muscle. When this happens it reduces your capacity to metabolize fats/sugars as efficiently and you can steadily gain weight and then blame it on ageing or menopause. In this article I will give you some tips for managing your weight during menopause and I will begin with the food you eat to the way you move your body.

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