How is 2013 going for you? Did you make any new years resolutions about reaching your ideal weight and finally becoming the healthy person you yearn to be?  Are you on the way to keeping that resolution?  One of the best decisions you can make for yourself is to commit to your health and wellness. When you come to the realization your health is totally your responsibility, the easier and better it will be for you to make your best choices, leading you to your goal of great health and vitality.

If you are like many people over the Christmas period you may have gained a  few kilos, this then sparked you to go searching for quick weight loss or detox programs. ( I hope you read my article on detoxing, if not here it is

This blog is more in the area of weight management and I have to be honest I am tired of hearing that to manage yourweight all you have to do is balance the calories in with the energy expended.  As far as  I am concerned this way of thinking is totally outdated and is leading many people ( especially women)  to desperate measures with their weight loss strategies.

As far as I am concerned there are three major factors for weight problems

  1. Hormonal imbalances
  2. Over load of processed and nutrient deficient foods
  3. Insufficient quality movement of the body

Let me address them one at a time.

1.      Hormonal imbalances

This can range from insulin or sugar irregularities to thyroid imbalances. I realize I frequently talk about thyroid issues, however it is still assumed that when you go to the doctor that they will automatically test the functioning of your organs and glandular system.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is not necessarily true. You need to ask for specific tests as some are not covered by Medicare and you there may be a small charge if you are not deemed at risk.  This seems to be the case with Thyroid testing and it is deemed that only tsh is necessary, however to have a better assessment you need Reverse T3 and T4 tested as well. Another pathology test that is necessary for your thyroid is having iodine levels checked. I have had  people say to me, that when I have asked them to get their iodine levels checked, they have come back from the doctors being told they do not know how to request this via pathology, it seems this vital information  is  ”too difficult” . I am sorry, but this is not good enough, if this has happened to you then you need to find another doctor.

Still in the area of hormonal issues is insulin resistance or it can be known as syndrome X. When this happens the cells virtually are not getting the required nutrients and there is an abundance of sugar in the blood stream.  While this is okay if you are highly active (from a weight management point of view not a health one) it is not good for your cells as they need a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate to function.  When this imbalance has gone on for a few years the cells simply do not have the capacity to perform their duties and energy production is greatly compromised and with this sugar cravings will increase as this is the default for energy, however this will lead to poor quality energy, inflammation and weight gain.

2.      Over load of processed and nutrient deficient foods

Processed food is a huge problem, we are cleverly shown foods of very little nutritional value and then sold that they will provide us with taste, give nutritional support and not to mention the bonus of extra time since we are not cooking.  While this may seem okay, occasionally it seems that many families are believing this and including these foods in more every day meals. In simple terms if you wish to have a body that has life, vitality and health then that is the standard of food you need to consume, not processed or commonly known as “junk food or take-away”. If you are eating lifeless, dead and nutrient depleted foods then that is the body you will receive.  Unfortunately, when many people go to the doctor, they are not being asked what is their nutritional intake, however they are being prescribed more medication to overload their body. The more processed the foods the more difficult is will be for your body to manage your weight and also to give you the energy you so greatly desire.

3.      Insufficient quality movement of the body

Yes, this means exercise. Your body was designed to move and too many times as we get older the ability to move the body is reduced due to either injuries, office jobs and busy lives or to be honest just plain laziness. I grew up with the ridiculous advice that you only need to do exercise once a week, as my life went on it developed to three times per week and it seems many people still hold this myth as gospel.  As much as I grew up with this ridiculous advice that does not mean I followed it ( which I am grateful for). Exercise or movement has to be a daily occurrence and then throughout your week you need to balance the different form of exercise, such as cardiovascular needs to be daily, as does some form of flexibility, then remember balance and strength work should be a couple of times a week.  Now, without adding more confusion, I also add rebounding, dancing, playing, gardening, sexual activities and many more to the list, but the basics will always be anything that gets your heart rate up, anything that challenges your  muscles and anything that gets your brain coordinating your body in new way.

When looking at your weight management I hope this assists in the understanding that it is much more complex than food in and energy out.  If it was as simple as that wouldn’t it mean that if you gave a group of people all the same food and exercise that they would all have the same weight. It is just ridiculous, so it is time for a multi- faceted approach, only you know what is best for you, however be careful what you are using as your guidance.

The old saying “If you always do what you have always done you will keep on getting what you have always got”.  Are you ready for a different result? Then maybe you need to get new information, do not put your life on hold any longer.  As a Naturopath and personal trainer, I have the ability to give you a health and fitness plan for your best weight management.  This is not about dieting but eating according to your nutritional needs ( eating great tasting and healthy foods)  and ensuring you are moving your body in the manner it is designed for, giving you the vitality and healthy body you so rightly deserve.  Either call me on 0422952944 or email me on to organize a time for a chat.