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It is time we focused on the nutritonal requirements of our cells.  There is so much more to our physical body than a protein, fat and a carbohyrate. What about the quality of water, vitality of the individual food, not to mention juicing, salads and smoothies compared to roasting, steaming or boiling.  It is about the delivery and the standard of the digestive system that the food is going into as well.

  1. Truth about counting calories :

Recommended reading

When I read this book by Victoria Boutenko, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was looking at the best possible means to de clutter my body and at the same time enhance the potential of absorption of quality nutrition. I bought myself a Vitamix blender and away I went with my ‘green’ drinks. it would only be a few months and people started commenting on how radiant and healthy I looked.

Green for Life is for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the value of greens in our diet and suggested ways to incorporate them into your life.

Victoria also explains how, via juicing we are accessing the valuable amino acids available in green leafy veges.


Not just available from animal source, but learn about the profound benefits of other sources of protein.


We need these essential fats for each and every cell membrane in our body and vital for the vitality for our brain and hormonal health…plus more.


Learn the alternative to grains in the form of pasta, breads, cereals etc for your carbohydrate source.

Nutritional deficiencies and how they affect on our health

Brain health :

Auto Immune Disease: Ultimately if nutritional deficiencies are not addressed they can lead to serious health issues, such as Auto immune dysfunction and serious illness such as Cancer.


Learn the facts about supplements, what do you need, why you can’t get it from your food and when, how and what you should take.

How digestion affects your nutrient absorption :  Part 1

Part 2.