As a woman over fifty there are times when I feel that I am not as visible as I used to be, does anyone else have that feeling? It was only yesterday and a couple of people made comments about my appearance.  It  was in the area of the colour of my hair, as I have chosen to “go natural” , yes that means I am going grey, well it seems that this is quite controversial, plus it seems to have entitled people to an opinion. How “brave I am” or “as long as I like it” or ” I can make it work”, what am I to make of these comments and am I being delusional that I can portray health and vitality with greying hair?

I suppose over the years my hair has been a range of colours, so for me it does not seem any big deal, I just got tired of being hypocritical about my age, I wanted to be “real .  I have a photo taken of me a couple of years ago and it was on the back of my business card and my hair was a lovely golden blonde. Last year when my daughter got married there was a photo that I liked and it showed me with my greying hair. I look at this photo and rather than wish I looked younger I like the fact I look “real” and I  have nothing to hide.  I talk about ageing with vitality, but this does not mean holding on to youth, but embracing the ageing process and making yourself authentic no matter what yourage.  I have attached a couple of articles and both are in reference to women over fifty.

To be honest the law of physical attraction will always be to the young and attractive, that is nature’s way. However  I believe a woman’s beauty is reflected from the inside and many women need to get another attitude when it comes to understanding  their unique beauty and  ageing. If a woman feels good about herself, then it may give a better translation of beauty  and maybe assist in the translation of beauty for men.

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It is interesting, when I wrote this article over four years ago, I was not a grandmother ……now, there are three grandsons in my world and what I do know, I want to keep my health and vitality so I am able to keep up with them running around my yard.