Health Mentorship Programs

Ageless Vitality- Health Mentorship Program

Have you found that you go from one health professional to another and they all tell you something different, or leave you confused how to address your health? Or have you found each week there will be another contradictory statement in the media, leaving you feel frustrated with what to believe.

Health Mentorship is a place to receive reliable, simple to understand health and fitness information. There is large component of useful information on how to age well and with vitality. Looking after your health  but more importantly understanding energy and the value of food for your body. What are the latest fads and how to choose the best supplement for you and your family. What are super foods and how to get good nutrition in to your body.

This program is full of information that will end weight problems and low energy. It will get you enjoying great vitality again and know the REAL truth how to live YOUR life from a place of abundance and with passion.

It will be a safe place to ask ALL questions.

Health Mentorship is designed for small groups or couples, ideally 4-10 in each group..

Health Mentorship is for you when …

  • YOU want to feel great about your body
  • YOU want to know the truth about what are the best foods to eat.
  • YOU want to be kept up to date with the latest in health information.
  • YOU want to know the best supplements and how to use SUPERFOODS.
  • YOU want to live your best life and avoid dementia and other degenerative illness.
  • YOU don’t want to look OLD!
  • YOU want to look and feel GREAT!!
  • YOU want to know your Choices

What is covered in a Health Mentorship program?

Each session will cover a particular topic and each session will go for one hour

  1. Digestion and liver health- Understanding how your liver and digestion works is the key to ultimate health. As Vicky works with Dr Sandra Cabot, she has a great deal of experience with liver health. Vicky will discuss different dietary needs for blood types, health issues, management of fatty liver and digestive problems such as diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome, not to mention food intolerances and how to manage them. Your digestion closely relates to your immune system, so addressing any imbalances in this area is vital for all areas of your health. Once nutritionally deficiencies are addressed and the cells can receive their vital nutrients, energy, a healthy glow and vitality is quick to follow.
  2. Understanding your Body type- Everyone has a different and unique body type, understanding what your body type is, can assist with health, hormonal, weight management and even how your manage your relationships. This session is based on information from Vicky’s book “Ageless Vitality” and also from Dr Sandra Cabot’s work on the different body shapes such as Gyaneoid, Thyroid, Android and Lymphatic. Once you gain this insight into how your body is a reflection of your thoughts, actions, habits, food desires etc. it gives plenty of “a ha moments” to allow for change to evolve in your daily life.
  3. Body language- Many times we say something but our body may convey another message to the person we are attempting to communicate with, or do you find you have a recurring health problem, maybe it is your body trying to communicate with YOU. What do different parts of your body mean when it comes to your health i.e. sore throat- are you having trouble voicing your opinion, have you said something that was not particularly pleasant or do you have trouble with sore knees, maybe you could be a little stubborn in a certain area of your life…..just for starters, this subject is extremely interesting.
  4. Body movement for your body type- Super important to understand how to move your body correctly to get the results your would like. Vicky is a qualified personal trainer and knows that you can modify your body shape with specific exercises key to your body type. Also some people are not suited to certain exercise, maybe you shoudn’t be going for that walk each day? Maybe you need to find out what is the best excercise for you……everyone needs to move their body…..that does not mean it has to be spending time at the gym or running a marathon.
  5. Super foods- What are super foods and do you really need them ? So much talk about super foods and yes, there is value, but which ones are important and how do you know you are getting the “real” deal? Vicky discusses the foods suchs as Kale, Blueberries, Coconut product, Sprulina or ATA, Chia, Hemp seed and of course what makes up a great Green smoothie or juices. In this class, Vicky will be providing tasting of different combination drinks.
  6. How to choose supplements and what makes them different- Vicky has been in the natural medicine industry for nearly twenty years, in that time she has worked with some of Austraia’s top nutritional professionals. With this experience it has shown her not to always believe what is on the label, but how do you know what supplement to take and how much and for how long? It is a myth we can get all our nutrients from our food now, found out what you need to live the life of health you deserves.
  7. Understanding toxins in your environment – This is a huge topic and one we are unable to avoid living in the 21st century. This topic will discuss what you need to do to reduce your exposure to toxins and where you may getting exposure to pesticides, chemicals and toxins that you may not have thought was possible. This is an extremely important topic and will give you the tools to live your life rather than live in fear. Vicky will discuss how you can strengthen your body against the toxins in your environment, but more importantly how to reduct your exposure dramatically.

If you belong or have a group that may be interested in “The Health Mentorship program”, Vicky would love to talk to you. The program is offered in the Brisbane and Redlands area. It is recommended that a session is held at least fortnightly or even weekly, this allows for application of what is learned and focus for the best results . The program is intended to be an opportunity to meet with like minded people and learn great information leading to a healthy discussion of the topic of the day. The mentorhsip program is not intended as a consultation, however you will gain great insight into managing your health, so, for many this is an economical way to achieve the health you so rightly deserve. The groups are suitable for 4-10 people and is recommended for anyone wanting to learn about managing their own health from a true health perspective (not a diet consciousness)and is over the age of 20 , has prices are as low as $10 per person.

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