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Understanding sexual energy

This is not a taboo subject! The energy at the moment of orgasm is pure energy. This energy has the ultimate power to create life and ultimately this same energy is responsible for the creation of your own renewal of life.
As a society, this knowledge is often hidden, or not discussed, so you may be left with confusion and misuse of this life-giving energy. The next time you are about to reach orgasm, I would like you to be aware of what you are thinking. If you really are aware, there will be no thought; it is pure pleasure at that exact moment. If you do not have a partner, you can achieve this with self-pleasuring.

At the moment of orgasm, there is complete surrender, as you have no control. There is a point where there is no turning back and at that exact moment there is a release of a substance into your blood vessels called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the substance that accompanies the feeling of bliss.
With this feeling, you are experiencing a fountain of youth. Whenever you feel great, you are enhancing the supply of this wonderful molecule. At the moment of orgasm, the release is experienced to the extreme. This would explain the new lovers’ glow that we all know and recognise. If, at the moment of orgasm, breathing techniques are used, you have the ability to circulate the energy that creates new life through your own body, thereby creating your own new body.

Adding to the importance of this molecule, it has been shown that at the moment of your entry into the world, there is a release of nitric oxide. Incidentally it has been shown that this happens again at the moment of one’s last breath (the white light people see during near-death experiences). There
will be another explosion, as this substance has so much to do with your life force… meaning it is beyond your mind. You are not the one who decides when you shall be born, nor for that matter when you will die. When you encourage more of this life force energy in your body, such as that achieved through positive sexual energy and orgasm, it will allow a better chance of renewal and freedom to live your life.

Apart from the actual physical changes, what about when you feel the touch of your lover and the sense of absolute bliss whenever you are around that special person? Also there are pheromones that you may not be aware of, which explains attraction are also in the play (for more info check out . What you need to take away from this is you are the one allowing this to be felt; you are the one doing the feeling and the experiencing. It is important to own this feeling of life-enhancing energy.

Intimate relationships can give you the chance to recognise some of your strongest feelings. These relationships help you to understand your programming regarding sexual behaviour and relationships. Remember that your external environment is a reflection of your inner environment. If you feel your partner doesn’t seem to appreciate you, try turning it around and asking yourself, How much do I appreciate myself?

Here is another example of how this is relevant to energy. When a woman does not feel like having sex but is merely trying to please her partner, this will lead to her closing her mind and body. This can put her in the position of becoming objectified, which drains the life force. The true experience of life-enhancing energy—and I need to make this extremely clear—can occur only within an environment of absolute trust. In such an environment, a woman can embrace her sexual energy and allow herself to soften, open and invite her partner to experience her. She is then truly embracing her sexual and feminine energy and will gain all the health benefits associated with this. She will experience absolute pleasure in the form of bliss. So with this, it is not only the orgasm but also being part of the complete experience—with all the senses and soul involved—that manifests a
life-enhancing event.

It is unfortunate that there is so much misinformation about sex. When it really comes down to it, most of us did not get any form of good education on this life-giving energy. It is typically taught, from a young age, that sex is taboo. Even when it’s talked about, the experience itself is
strongly discouraged. This is a great shame, as the union of intimacy is one of the supreme spiritual acts. Unfortunately, for most people, this will never be experienced. But for you, it can be experienced, whatever your age. Open your mind and view sensuality, pleasure and sex as forms of nourishment for the soul, mind and physical body.


Gotta love these ” loving carrots”

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Are you struggling with weight and energy issues? Check your Thyroid!!

This article has come about after hearing on the news the high incidence of Thyroid disorders going unnoticed or being mis –diagnosed as a symptom of ageing or medication.

Too many times, ageing is viewed or even experienced as a time of fatigue, forgetfulness, and decline in quality of life, this fortunately is not normal ageing, and can be and usually is, a symptom of a health imbalance.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland, which secretes its hormones directly into the bloodstream.  These hormones have a direct effect on the body’s temperature, metabolism and nervous system to name a few.   The thyroid, like any other part of the body, needs specific nutrients to function.  Some of the more important ones are iodine, selenium, tyrosine and in many cases vitamin D.

It is estimated 20% of women over the age of 60 have some form of thyroid disease. The symptoms of thyroid disease vary according to whether too much hormone is being produced (hyperthyroid) or too little (hypothyroid).  If someone has hypothyroid, some of their symptoms will be fatigue, weight gain, constipation, dry skin and hair, to name a few. If the person has hyperthyroidism, it will leave them more vulnerable to Osteoporosis, heart palpitations and anxiety, plus poor nutritional status due to possible diarrhoea.  Many of these symptoms if not discussed thoroughly can be misdiagnosed and medication could be prescribed, while the real cause goes on undermining quality of life.


Some statistics are:

1 out of every 5 women over the age of 65 has an higher than normal level of TSH (indicating hypothyroidism)

Approximately 25% of the elderly population suffer from some form mental illness. A significant number of these cases may be related to thyroid disease.

  • Because of many factors, thyroid disease in those over 65 years old is much more likely to remain undiagnosed as compared with thyroid disease in 30 to 40 year olds.

To ensure your Thyroid gland is working at its optimal level asking your doctor for a few tests could make all the difference to your quality of daily life. The many things you put down to ageing, could actually disappear when your Thyroid has the optimal nutrition and correct balance.

I would suggest asking for an examination of your thyroid gland in the neck and a simple blood test to evaluate TSH levels and T4 and T3 levels. I would also get iodine levels checked; this is a simple urine test.  If the doctor suspects nodules or cysts then I would also request a Vitamin D

If you would like to know more, or ask questions regarding thyroid health, then I am presenting a talk on “Thyroid health and your hormones” Wednesday 14th March 2012 at 7pm -9pm (6.30pm registration) James St New Farm, Birsbane. Bookings are essential as space is limited; please email or phone 0422952944.  The investment is only $20 if paid prior to the event or $25 at the door (still need to reserve your place)

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Written 1st March 2012

What about Cancer as we age- can we have another point of view?

Do we really know?  Do we want to know? At the end of the day the following article, is food for thought. We can choose to look at cancer as a negative and fight “it” or another way may be to see it as a positive and understand it may be attempting to give us an important message.  With the latter view, it allows cancer to be seen not as a burden, but as an opportunity or even a blessing.  I realize, for many this view is extreme, however if you stay with me, I hope to explain, how, this view will allow the individual a “choice” of a life experience, rather than the one of victim.

How can we possibly get to this view?

One choice is to actually see cancer as a birthing experience.  I don’t think anyone would dispute that many people tend to hold onto their emotions and experiences. With this in mind, if an experience is not released or “birthed” into the world then the body will need to accommodate this “baby” within.  If a thought, trauma, negative emotion is repeated enough through the body, it will become the physical form, represented in the body as flesh, blood and bone. A way to view this process is to realize all the body is doing is encapsulating this energy, by forming a tumour and attempting to support its own innate life cycle and expression of life and healing. Whenever there is stagnation, stillness or rigidity there will be an reduction of our natural healing life force.

Our body is amazing and rather than reject this energy (as we created it) our body will embrace it and nurture this growth. This brings us back to, should we be “fighting” cancer? We need to understand and take responsibility for “our” cancer and this allows the freedom for the transformation of the energy.  If this energy has been allowed to continue for decades, it is now a time when a recruitment of support will be needed, especially if there is an addition of toxins and other genetic and nutritional factors.  If you ask any health professional, he/she will generally tell you, that cancer is not fully understood, they do not have the answers. It seems clear what we do know is, the more we resist something it tends to persist.  Maybe it is time for a different approach; here are some ideas to get us started.

  1. Take ownership and responsibility for your life (this is NOT blaming)
  2. Find an experienced health team to assist and guide you in your healthcare i.e. doctor, naturopath, massage therapist, energy worker and spiritual advisor, to name a few.
  3. Eat nutritious whole organic foods.
  4. Ensure your digestive enzymes are optimal.
  5. Detoxification.
  6. Include “superfoods” in your diet
  7. Move your body, DAILY!
  8. Surround yourself with supportive people
  9. Limit alcohol, dairy and especially sugar.
  10. Spend time daily in reflection.

Cancer is affecting more and more families and my wish is that it can be viewed and experienced as a time of change and reflection.  Always remember there are choices and if you are not sure what they may be, there are always questions……you just have to ask them!!

Written: 7th December 2011

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Ageing Young- the value of movement

Are you concerned with ageing, would you like to feel and look younger than your age? There are some things you need know, like the choices in the food you eat, the fluids you drink, what you think and then, there are the ways you move your body.

It has been scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between your thoughts, emotions and your body.  The physical body is an accumulation of all your environmental influences, giving you the physical manifestation of your body. Remember, your thoughts are not just in your head; your thoughts are your body.

When you add in genetics as your blueprint, it allows an understanding how the body can hold memories beyond this lifetime, your body can reflect three generations back. Leading to an understanding why you have your unique body shape, health issues and behaviours that ‘seem’ out of your control.

Many believe that onceyou have your genes, your destiny is in stone and nothing can be changed, I disagree with this theory. Your physical body is your manifestation, the genetic coding or your DNA is only the template. It is entirely up to you how you interpret this coding through your own individual cellular wisdom. This means taking total responsibility of being the creator of your physical body.

If you can see your body as a means of communication from your soul, it gives a totally different perspective, allowing a freedom in which you can live through, rather than being a victim.  When you notice stiffness, pain or restriction of movement it is a time to ask, “What might I be holding on too?” You may become aware of an incident, emotion or thought that has got ‘caught’ in your thinking process, leading to reduction of flow of your life. If you are not in the process of practising movement, especially different forms of movement, this restriction may take longer to notice, giving it a stronger chance to solidify into your physical body.  A flexible body has a youthful attitude and mind, allowing the flow of life to be one of ease.

Movement is an opportunity to feel how you are relating to your mental, spiritual, and physical environment. Unfortunately many view the body as something to be endured and exercise is what you do when you are trying to lose weight, or the freaky people who do not have a life.  Another view could be that movement is an opportunity to check in on the body, leading to less obstruction of energy flow, allowing the natural process of renewal rather than deterioration as you age.  It is vital that an understanding is reached, if there is poor muscle tone on the outside, the inside will be the same, affecting your weight, ability to absorb nutrients, flow of energy, repair and ultimately the premature loss of youthfulness, which has nothing to do with your chronological age!