This was one of the first books I read on nutrition, more than thirty years ago!!

Leslie Kenton was ahead of her time and what she recommends in the book Raw Energy is definitely valid today. With the knowledge I have now and the experience as a Naturopath, I would not necessarily say this is the best lifestyle for everyone……however, it is a great place to start ( if you are living in a warm climate) and if you need to give your body a break from processed and sugar laden foods. This book was life changing for me as for over 20 years, I had lived with chronic eczema covering over 70% of my body. I was told by mainstream medicine that I would have to learn to ‘live with it’ and keep using cortisone creams. After following the food suggestions in Raw Energy,. my eczema cleared and so did my painful periods and guess what, my body shape changed as well. It would have taken about six months and I felt amazing. Definitely this book gave me the knowledge of the power of nutrition and the amazing ability we have to change the course of our health.