Do we really know?  Do we want to know? At the end of the day the following article, is food for thought. We can choose to look at cancer as a negative and fight “it” or another way may be to see it as a positive and understand it may be attempting to give us an important message.  With the latter view, it allows cancer to be seen not as a burden, but as an opportunity or even a blessing.  I realize, for many this view is extreme, however if you stay with me, I hope to explain, how, this view will allow the individual a “choice” of a life experience, rather than the one of victim.

How can we possibly get to this view?

One choice is to actually see cancer as a birthing experience.  I don’t think anyone would dispute that many people tend to hold onto their emotions and experiences. With this in mind, if an experience is not released or “birthed” into the world then the body will need to accommodate this “baby” within.  If a thought, trauma, negative emotion is repeated enough through the body, it will become the physical form, represented in the body as flesh, blood and bone. A way to view this process is to realize all the body is doing is encapsulating this energy, by forming a tumour and attempting to support its own innate life cycle and expression of life and healing. Whenever there is stagnation, stillness or rigidity there will be an reduction of our natural healing life force.

Our body is amazing and rather than reject this energy (as we created it) our body will embrace it and nurture this growth. This brings us back to, should we be “fighting” cancer? We need to understand and take responsibility for “our” cancer and this allows the freedom for the transformation of the energy.  If this energy has been allowed to continue for decades, it is now a time when a recruitment of support will be needed, especially if there is an addition of toxins and other genetic and nutritional factors.  If you ask any health professional, he/she will generally tell you, that cancer is not fully understood, they do not have the answers. It seems clear what we do know is, the more we resist something it tends to persist.  Maybe it is time for a different approach; here are some ideas to get us started.

  1. Take ownership and responsibility for your life (this is NOT blaming)
  2. Find an experienced health team to assist and guide you in your healthcare i.e. doctor, naturopath, massage therapist, energy worker and spiritual advisor, to name a few.
  3. Eat nutritious whole organic foods.
  4. Ensure your digestive enzymes are optimal.
  5. Detoxification.
  6. Include “superfoods” in your diet
  7. Move your body, DAILY!
  8. Surround yourself with supportive people
  9. Limit alcohol, dairy and especially sugar.
  10. Spend time daily in reflection.

Cancer is affecting more and more families and my wish is that it can be viewed and experienced as a time of change and reflection.  Always remember there are choices and if you are not sure what they may be, there are always questions……you just have to ask them!!