Brain Wellness

We all wish to live a long , healthy and a life full of vibrancy and adventure, however to ensure you get to achieve this it is paramount you look after the health of your brain. This page is dedicated to the growing knowledge of brain wellness and the prevention of degnerative disease, such as Azheimer’s disease, Parkinsons and Dementia.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the quality of our brain will and does have a direct influence over the quality of our life. Ageless Vitality is all about remaining or evening improving quality of life, so this means the importance of caring for our brain health.

We have an ageing population, with aged care, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and strokes. These are all  concerns for the government, however more importantly a concern for every one of us, yes you and me. Too many people assume ‘someone’ else will take care of them or there is nothing that can be done to prevent ‘it’. Well I am here to tell you there is much that can be done to prevent and if you have already noticed signs… is never too late…..your brain is amazing and like every other part of your body is constantly renewing and for that matter re-wiring.

For years we have made the assumption that the brain was similar to a computer, once it was damaged it could not be repaired, however it is now scientifically proven that out precious brain not only repairs itself, but is continually growing learning and improving…….if we provide the correct environment. Like everything if you choose to take responsibility then there is a much higher chance there will be a positive result. If you choose to believe your brain can improve then you have a much better chance than someone you doesn’t. It has been proven our thoughts are like nutrients and are just as vital as the food and water we consume.

So, what are the priorities when looking after our brain health, I have decided to list the top seven tips for a health brain, now these are not in any particular order, as they are all as valid as one another.

1. Quality water – Our body is about 70- 80% water. If this is not maintained then there will be a reduced capacity to communicate. I am not only talking about with the outside world here, but within your body, within each cell. The ability to keep cell membranes fluid and flexible relies heavily on the quality and amount of water. It has been shown; people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are not drinking enough water. We are not talking for a few days, these people had not taken a mouthful of water for years…..and these people had doctor’s supposedly caring for them. Sometimes the simplest things are the most important and when it comes to your brain, water is one of them.

You cannot get by on city water, as much as they say it has less bacteria, it is filled with toxic metals that the body does NOT know how to handle. You must invest in the best quality filter that you can afford. Your aim would be to reduce exposure to the main culprits, fluoride and chlorine. These are both toxins and please do not believe that any amount is safe in the water and for that matter in your body. (that is another topic for another day)

2. Antioxidants – We all know what antioxidants do for the body; well it is now known that is even more vital for the brain. The brain is about 60% fats and we all know when fat is not packaged in an appropriate way, it can go rancid. The same is for the brain, it is vital that your diet has a high proponent of coloured fruit and vegetables and I would invest in a quality antioxidant supplement (email me if you would like my preference of brand)

3. Quality nutrition- I will keep this simple if you want a junk brain than eat junk food, however if you believe that the nutrition you eat does become your body then doesn’t it makes sense to eat the highest quality food and nutrients?

4. Essential fatty acids – I mentioned earlier that the brain is about 60% fats. I would insist that the quality of fat be made of foods such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, avocado, etc., plus a good efa supplement. The quality of fats in the brain has the ability to keep cell membrane flexible or stiff with an inability to function, thereby leading to cell death. This obviously would contribute to conditions such as poor memory, recall, concentration and to the more concerning, Parkinson’s and Dementia. I would suggest reading any material written my Dr Daniel Amen or Jean Carper.

5. Quality blood flow – I have discussed nutrition and quality fats, but if the blood cannot get to the brain, they would not be much use, would they. It is vital to include quality movement/exercise into your daily life. Time and time again, it is shown that exercise improves quality of life in ALL aspects. It does not have to be a boot camp or an 1 ½ at the gym, all you need is 20- 30 minutes of concentrated movement, if you would like more ideas, my book “Ageless Vitality” would be of use.

6. Management of thoughts – This has been shown to be one of the top ways to preserve your brain. Your ability to manage stress levels and the quality of your thoughts will have not only an amazing effect on your brain, but all areas of your health and life. I highly suggest time each day in quiet reflection, meditation or prayer and preferably morning and night for at least 10 minutes. It is imperative that the realization is reached, you are not your mind or for that matter your body, finding the stillness and the quiet voice that is your inner guidance comes before the thought….that is what you want to listen too…not your thoughts.

7. Management of blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol – All these have a huge effect on the quality of your brain and its ability to function. Get these checked out and then if you find your blood pressure is high, get it down. High cholesterol and triglycerides put you in a high area of risk for strokes and more than likely dementia. They create a highly unstable vascular environment and knowing the blood supply your brain needs and as, it is vital to keep these healthy. The bottom line, get your levels checked and then follow the above six priorities and you are well on the way to reversing any damage done.

As always, the message is, have faith in your body, take care of it and believe that if you give it the correct support it will look after you and provide for you with years of fun, vitality, passion and thrills.