I have just attended a networking luncheon and it was lovely and as always met some inspirational and amazing women.

The comment came up about exercising and the body not co-operating in responding as it used too. Now this lovely lady is in her early 40′s and has a great figure, however is noticing shape that wasnt there a few years ago, is now attached and much more stubborn to move.  She commented that she was finding her usual exercise routine was not giving her the results like it used too.

There are two interesting points here, if we keep on doing the same thing we will get the same results….however that does not ring true in this instance does it? What happens as we get over the age of “about” 35 years of age, we start to lose lean muscle at about the rate of 1/4 kilo per year, now you may not think that is a great concern, however at the same time we are generally gaining 3/4 kilo of fat per year….now you are concerned?  This is where if you have only relied on cardio for your fitness, you will come unstuck.  In order to reduce the weight gain and keep your lean muscle ( which increases fat burning capacity), we have to ensure our body’s are actually still growing.  Now you may think, since you are an adult that you are not growing, and this is where the misunderstanding begins, you see we are growing and if we are not then we must be “breaking down” . If you want to resist the unpleasant effects of ageing, then you will have to treat your body like it is still “young” and that means you must “move” it differently every day.  This may mean strength training, Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi or dance,  I was going to say, trying moving like a 3 year old for day, I guarantee you will be worn out after an hour ( if not earlier)  This form of movement keeps the body and brain guessing and also keeps it alert, flexible and strong, all the markers of youthfulness.

I mentioned two points the other point is, once we get over 40 years of age the body is changing and will regulate hormones and fat differently.  If you are trying to hold onto a youthful body and havent been exercising for 20 years it is going to be difficult, however if you incorporated different forms of movement regularly then it will give you an advantage.  But always remember your body is new every two years, so whatever you start today will give you a better result than not starting at all and no matter what your age, it has been proven by incorporating strength, flexibility and balance movement into your daily routine will enhance brain and longevity, not to mention your feeling about your body image.

Don’t under estimate the power of movement, the key is to move with thinking and responsibility, giving the respect to the body it deserves.